6 Unconventional Gift Ideas for the True Crime-Nerd in Your Life

We all know someone who gets a little too into their serial killer documentaries and true crime trivia – or perhaps you’re that person and you just couldn’t resist finding out where to buy those dashing Charles Manson socks.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a gift unique and obscure enough for the person in your life who has literally watched every true crime film, read every true crime book, and can casually churn out serial killer facts like they’re discussing the weather.

So we’ve compiled a list of 6 of the most weird and wonderful true crime-based products that we could find, so that you can put a rare smile on the face of your murder-obsessed and mentally-scarred friend this Christmas.

1. SerialKillerShop.com

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – that really is a sweater with Ted Bundy’s face on it.

For the friend or family member who isn’t afraid to embrace the slightly offensive, the SerialKillerShop has everything one could ask for. Whether you’re after a casual t-shirt with Jeffrey Dahmer’s sullen face on it, a pair of cosy and somewhat terrifying Helter Skelter’ socks, or even a vest top that says “I Party With Aileen Wuornos” on it, there’s something for everyone.

2. Bexification

If you really want to impress with your morbid true crime knowledge, check out these spooky hand-drawn charcoal and pen drawing prints depicting various different infamous true crime locations from Bexification. The set features the likes of the Ed Gein House, Jeffrey Dahmer’s Chocolate Factory, the home of Fred and Rose Westand more. The artworks might look like innocent sketches to most, but you and your true crime-obsessed friends will know what those images really mean!

You can either grab the whole set of 6, or purchase them individually, at only £5 per piece.

3. TheEmporiumObscura

If you’re looking for a gift with a more authentic than novelty feel, TheEmporiumObscura offers a wonderfully eerie collection of hand-aged replica crime prints, such as the Son of Sam ‘Wanted’ Newspaper Cover, a reproduction of the Police Bulletin ‘Wanted’ Poster of Richard Ramirez, and even John Wayne Gacy’s Self Portrait. Each print is carefully ‘aged’ by hand to give it a vintage feel and comes in A4 size, ready to hang. There are 7 different serial killer-based designs to choose from.

4. PandorasBoxOddities

Nothing says Christmas quite like a lovely tree festooned with fairy lights and… serial killer baubles? With a truly festive selection including H.H. Holmes, Ted Bundy and Ed Gein, PandorasBoxOddities is likely the only place you’ll find such original and unique holiday decorations!

5. SerialKillerBiz

The SerialKillerBiz shop is the official source for Serial Killer Trading Cards, and once you’re the proud owner of one, you’ll want to collect them all. Each trading card is handmade, stunningly painted, and numbered, with facts about each killer on the back. There are 2 sets of trading cards to choose from – The Original Serial Killers or The New Serial Killers.

6. True Crime Graphic Novels

You’re pretty sure they’ve already devoured all the books like Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood and they’ve already binge-watched every episode of Mindhunter and The Keepers on Netflix, but have they experienced the thrill that is the rare and intriguing true crime graphic novel?

If not, then you should ensure to sneak a copy of My Friend Dahmer and Green River Killer into their stocking this Christmas!

My Friend Dahmer tells the fascinatingly chilling story of Derf Backderf’s own personal experiences with the notorious Jeffrey Dahmer himself when they were at high school together, while Green River Killer chronicles the quest to hunt down the infamous ‘Green River Killer’ Gary Leon Ridgway, told from the perspective of the son of the detective who interviewed and spent much time with the Seattle serial killer in 2003. Both graphic novels offer a staggering insight into the backstories behind both shocking cases and are the perfect form of escapism over the holiday period.


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